In Ukraine, the ongoing stocking of ponds the red fish

The Kaniv reservoir released fry sterlet and pike. About it reports a press-service of Gosrybagentstvo.


“For the first time in the history of Ukraine held a public stocking of the Kanev reservoir endangered sturgeon. It was released over 10 thousand pieces of sturgeon, which 100% will root in the pond. Last year we began a major initiative expanded the universe of water biological resources and produced more than 14 million copies of juvenile fish grown state of plants. In 2019 this good tradition continues”, – said the Chairman of the Gosrybagentstvo.

In the Bay “Camel” (Obolon, Kyiv) issued 10 thousand copies of endangered sterlets (650 kg). The average weight of one copy is 30 to 60 grams. And near village of Protsiv in Boryspil district issued 250 thousand copies of pike fingerlings (weighing 150 mg/copy).

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