In Ukraine earned the technology of SWIFT payments gpi

In Ukraine earned technology international SWIFT payments global payments innovation (global payment innovation). On Monday, August 27, the press service of the state savings Bank.

According to the report, technology enables more rapid and transparent cross-border payments. As explained in the press service, about half of the gpi-payments are credited within 30 minutes almost 100% during the day.

“The service is already connected to more than 180 financial institutions around the world. More than 100 billion U.S. dollars by SWIFT gpi departs daily from more than 450 international payment corridors. Today 79% of the banks-correspondents of the Bank are gpi. 73% of international transfers of savings Bank are routed through correspondent banks connected to the gpi”, – stated in the message.

As noted by the regional Manager of SWIFT in Central Europe Ilona Pune gpi technology appeared in Ukraine for the first time.

According to statements by the company SWIFT, gpi technology allows you to transfer funds anywhere in the world with the ability to track exactly where the payment right now.

As told in Oshchadbank, the centre in collaboration with SWIFT working on the creation of services suspension and withdrawal of payment. The Bank hopes that the gpi-payments will become the standard for international settlements until the end of 2020.

Earlier, two Russian banks off access to the SWIFT system.

Before that, it was reported that North Korea was disconnected from the international banking system SWIFT.

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