In Ukraine are going to cancel thousands of laws


In the first half of 2018, lawmakers want to abolish the Soviet laws, which continue to operate on the territory of Ukraine.

Bill No. 4650 “On amending the Law of Ukraine “On prvostupnica of Ukraine” about cancellation of action of acts of the USSR on the territory of Ukraine” is in the Parliament for almost two years. It consists of one item: amend article 3 of the Law of Ukraine “On prvostupnica of Ukraine” dated 1991.

We are talking about clause 3 of the mentioned document: “the Laws of the Ukrainian SSR and other acts adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian SSR, acting in the territory of Ukraine, as they do not contradict the laws of Ukraine, adopted after the proclamation of independence of Ukraine”.

Currently in Ukraine there are more than thousands of Soviet laws passed prior to August 21, 1991. This includes two codes (Residential code and the code of administrative offences) and 80 fundamental laws.

In particular, there are such laws as “the Fundamentals of housing legislation”, “the Basics of social protection of persons with disabilities”, law on state pensions, on the protection of the rights of consumers, protection of the environment, on freedom of conscience and religious organizations, on the referendum and others.

The bill clarifies that the exception will be the Declaration of state sovereignty of Ukraine and the Act of proclamation of Ukraine’s independence.

The bill provides that even after the abolition of Soviet laws, some of them, including the part listed above will be in effect until Parliament adopts their counterparts. So temporarily will continue to operate 12 of the laws adopted in the Soviet Union.

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