In the United States was arrested by Ukrainian hackers


Us prosecutors arrested three Ukrainians accused of kidnapping arrays, charge card numbers and other data of American business.

This was reported on the website of the Ministry of justice.

Arrested three Ukrainian citizens – Fedor Gladir (33), Dmitri Fedorov (44) and Andrew COPAC (30 years).

They are suspected of hacking thousands of computer systems and stealing millions of credit card numbers of customers. Then the hackers can sell the information for ransom.

First arrests reported Reuters citing sources familiar with the situation, reports “European true”.

The suspects are members of the Carbanak hacking gang, which, according to law enforcement and private cybersleuthing, is one of the most prolific organizations in the world for cybercrime.

Sources have reported the arrests in Seattle, at the same time, the Ministry of justice stated that the representatives of the companies Mastercard and Visa will join prosecutors and the FBI to report arrests and indictments in major international liberazzione.


Spanish police have arrested a suspect Ukrainian leader Carbanak in March. According to investigators, the gang has stolen up to 1 billion euros ($1.2 billion) from banks by changing account balances and programming ATMs to dispense cash.

The operation to expose the gang was involved various organs, including the Spanish police, the European banking Federation, private-sector banks and security companies, the FBI, the authorities of Belarus, Taiwan, and Romania.

As wrote the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, the 34-year-old Ukrainian Denys K. lived anonymously in Alicante with his wife and son and was arrested on 6 March.

According to the Spanish interior Ministry, the criminals were able to organize hacker attacks on 300-400 banks of Russia. 50 Russian banks the money was stolen.

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