In the SEC “Gulliver” are searched, in particular, in the “news”


In the offices of media holding “Vesti”, located in the Mall Gulliver in Kiev, is being searched.

This was announced by editor-in OOO “News Media” Oksana Omelchenko.

“Well, everything started! About 6 in the morning surrounded “Gulliver”, coming to our floor are “cute” people. Colleagues from the Radio, that sounds like it’s started to destroy everything,” wrote the mayor.

She added that soon the site will launch an online broadcast of the event.

“I was just preparing to print the second part of the investigation about the Agency and his friends,” – said Omelchenko.

According to her, the suspicions of no one handed.

“Not yet, break. Say, bore welding machine, nabryzgivajut camera paint, and the number of security forces increases,” concluded the mayor.

In the security service of Ukraine “the Ukrainian truth” reported that they were not involved in searches in the “news”.

“We have no such events were planned. Only yesterday I responded to the request of “News” that we have no proceedings against journalists,” – said the press Secretary of SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya.

The Prosecutor’s office said that they still don’t know about that.

“If we have information we will publish it”, – said the press Secretary of the Prosecutor General Larisa Sargan.

She added that the searches in “Gulliver” can be associated with the case of ex-Minister of income and fees Alexander Klimenko.

The national police said that the searches may be involved in the Agency search and return of assets.


At the same time, according to ARMA, February 8 in the SEC “Gulliver”, the Main military Prosecutor’s office of the GPU and Netpolice carry out joint measures on the transfer of the premises on 3 floors of the office center to the Agency for investigation and asset recovery.

“On 8 February, thanks to joint actions of the Chief military Prosecutor’s office of the Prosecutor General’s office and National police in pursuance of a resolution of the investigative judge of the Pechersk district court of Kyiv from September 28, 2017 year despite the resistance of unknown persons all the rooms 31, 32 and 33 floors of retail and office complex “Gulliver “, at the address: G. Kiev, Sports square, 1A, was actually transferred to the management of the National Agency“, – stated in the message of ARMA.


The offices of the “News” located on the 32nd floor.

It is noted that now ARMA actually conveyed such premises to the management company.

“Now the only legal owner of said premises is the management company on the basis of the said agreement assets control. All obstacles to this control are illegal and violate the rights of the management company and the decision of the investigating judge, are punishable criminal offences”, – stated in the message.

In ARMA added that the management company is empowered to convey the said premises in use for everyone.

“Accordingly, persons who occupied these premises before their actual transfer of the management company can conclude the corresponding contract of lease that will allow them to stay there legally”, – explained in Naciente.

It is reported that the investigative team called the management company in connection with the spread in some media about the unfair actions of its representatives. The militiamen called for clarification of these circumstances in the manner prescribed by law.

ARMA also added that repeatedly tried to establish which companies are on the above floors of the office center, but was faced with resistance.

“Unknown persons, violating the decision of the investigating judge and the law, today as in past times, let the representatives of the national Agency and the Chief military Prosecutor’s office in the execution of such decision and transfer the said premises to the management of the National Agency”, – stated in the message.

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