In the Parliament propose to increase the penalty for disregard of safety belts


25 people’s deputies registered in the Verkhovna Rada a bill which proposes to raise up to 850 UAH the penalty for drivers who do not use seat belts in the car.


The relevant draft law No. 8492 “On amendments to article 121 of the code of Ukraine about administrative offenses (concerning the reduction of death and injury on highways by increasing the use of seat belts and helmets)” was registered on June 18.

The initiators of the higher fines were 25 deputies, among them Anton Gerashchenko, Irina Gerashchenko, Victoria syumar, Ihor Didenko, Ivan krulko, Alexander Opanasenko, Anna hopko, Mustafa Nayem, and Svitlana zalishchuk, Alexei Ryabchin, Leonid Yemets and others.

Now the document is submitted to the leadership, and the draft law and explanatory note to it are not published.

“Today the penalty for ignoring the seat belt in Ukraine is only RS 51. Meager punishment encourages drivers and passengers to violate the rules of the road and neglected their own safety”, – declared in “the heart of democracy and the rule of law”, which activists also spearheaded the bill as part of the campaign “make roads safe”.


The deputies proposed to increase the fine up to 50 tax-free minimum, which is UAH 850.

According to the organization, only 15% of Ukrainian drivers use seat belts, which is the lowest figure in Europe.

In CDIT assured that wearing seat belts can save up to 50% of people getting into deadly car accident.

“Every year on the roads of Ukraine killed at least 3.5 thousand people and injured at least 35 thousand. Seatbelts could have saved at least a significant part of those who were in the vehicle during the accident”, – stated in the message.

“The future law will take effect 3 months after signature by the President. At this time, should be conducted an information campaign for citizens. The increase of the fine is primarily intended to encourage a change of behavior and the formation of the Ukrainian passengers and drivers habit to wear seat belts in cars,” – noted in the organization .

They added that the increase of fines is the most effective way to force drivers and passengers to use safety belts, as evidenced by international experience.

In particular, according to the Center for democracy and the rule of law in France, the penalty for ignoring the seat belt is 135 Euro, Slovenia – Euro 120, Czech Republic – 77 euros.

In addition, with reference to data of sociological research conducted by the center for Ipsos, the organization said that the strengthening of the responsibility for ignoring the safety belt supports 66% of the population.

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