In the Parliament called the most dangerous candidates for the leadership of the RRG


For senior positions in the State Bureau of investigation can get the Maidan judges and persecutors of human rights defenders.

About this in his blog on “Ukrainian truth” writes MP Mustafa Nayem.

He recalled that on Wednesday, July 19, the contest Commission will select 27 of 436 candidates for key positions in the GBR: the Directors of seven regional offices of the authority, heads of divisions of Central office and staff units internal control offices.

According to the Deputy, the public organizations analyzed each candidate and came to the conclusion that 184 of them are categorically not suitable, 125 raise reasonable doubt and only 127 candidates recommended for appointment.

“I would like to draw the attention of members of the Commission for the two candidates, which we have already repeatedly wrote, but contrary to the glaring facts of their names are still under discussion as potential heads of territorial bodies of the RRG,” – emphasizes Nye.

The first Deputy called the Deputy head of the District administrative court of Kiev Evgeny Ablovawho applies for the position of head of the Nikolaev territorial administration of the state Bureau.

According to Nayem, it Ablov in December 2013 ordered the interior Ministry and Kyiv city state administration to unblock the street Khreshchatyk, which allowed “Berkut” to attack the barricades of Euromaidan in the night of 10 to 11 December.

Also, according to Nayem, the judge banned the peaceful protests on Independence Day on 24 November 2011.

In addition, according to the author, according to his information, in 2010, Ablov received in the service use of the apartment, which is then illegally privatized and sold for 9 million UAH.

Second, the MP called the head of the Khmelnytsky police Dmitry Rudenko, who is trying to become the head of Khmelnytsky territorial administration of GBR.

According to Nayem, in 2010-2011 Rudenko as head of Department of investigative management of UMVD in Vinnytsia region, was charged with disseminating pornography and desecrating the state symbols are known human rights activist Dmytro Groysman.

The Deputy noted that, in fact, be prosecuted for publishing on the channel of transit of illegal migrants from Somalia to Ukraine, covered by the local office of the Ministry of interior.

“The prosecution Vinnytsia human rights activist lasted until his death. Dmitry Groysman died in 2013 at the age of 41 – one week before the announcement of the acquittal,” recalls Nye.

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