In the case of the assassination of the Chairman is the first detainees: what do we know about them


Several suspects in the terrorist attack at the TV channel “espresso” were arrested, several more are in the territory of the Russian Federation

The informant in the SBU confirmed recently to the victims on 25 October 2017, the Deputy Igor Mosiychuk information disclosure attack from an espresso.

The source also revealed some details about the suspects. According to him, we are talking about several citizens of Ukraine, part of which is “temporarily on the territory of Russia”.

“Several participants of criminal group are detained and are in jail. At the same time, several likely perpetrators, and the organizers, in the territory of the Russian Federation”, – said the source.

Recall, as passed Politeka, during the explosion near the Studio channel Espreso.TV the evening of October 25 in Kiev, injuring five people. Among the victims – the people’s Deputy from “Radikalnoe party” Ihor Mosiychuk, a police officer and a woman who was passing by.

The fighter of the police special 1986 year of birth from the received traumas has died in hospital. The leading TV channel “espresso” stated that the name of the deceased Ruslan Kushnir. Mosiychuk was injured limbs, back and belly, the rest is mine-explosive injuries of different severity.

The network was published a video in which is visible the moment of laying explosives near the office of the TV channel “espresso”, the explosion of which affected the people’s Deputy from “Radical party” Ihor Mosiychuk was admitted.

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