In Parliament searched all without exception


The Verkhovna Rada has established the equipment for inspection of personal belongings and Luggage.

Now employees of the state will be to watch deputies and visitors of Parliament.

So on the main entrance in addition to the metal detector installed Rapiscan x ray machine. Such installations are planned to be installed on all the checkpoints at the entrance to the Parliament building.

However, if the MP does not want to put their personal belongings on the track devices, the guard has no right to force him to do it.

We will remind, the Verkhovna Rada has supported amendments to the law concerning the presence of weapons in the building under state protection. We are talking about the law “On state protection of state authorities of Ukraine and officials”.

This document obliges the deputies to surrender their weapons upon entering the building, which is under protection.

The only person allowed to carry a weapon, it directly to persons who carry out state protection.

Earlier in the Verkhovna Rada carried out a massive inspection because of bomb threats after the statements of the people’s Deputy of Hope Savchenko.

The corridors of Parliament tested a group of men in camouflage uniforms with multiple dogs. Also checked the dressing rooms and all entrances to the building are Happy. As a result, even signed the certificate of inspection.

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