Igor Mazepa: What’s money to a banker?

Ukrainian businessman Igor Mazepa openly said in the Studio “HARD vlashchenko” blitz questions, particularly about money, power and connections
Natalia vlashchenko: is it True that your company bought part of the clinic “Dobrobut” in the interests of Boris Lozhkina?
Igor Mazepa: Not True.
N. V. have You experienced any easing of pressure on business from law enforcement agencies in the last 3-4 years?
I. M. Say for the entire business felt. For myself – as there was no pressure, and no.
N. Q: Why You are more active in media?
I. M. I was invited by an old friend to talk to. And it was his initiative. I had never sought publicity and didn’t feel such a need now, since I’ve spent my life carrying liberal market values and management principles. I know how to compete, I know how to do it.
N. V. a fairly rich man, when he went bankrupt, said that money makes people unhappy. In principle, it is enough “desyatochku” a month to feel normal, otherwise you become a watchdog and a hostage situation, trying to constantly increase your capital that makes you addicted. And what You personally money?
I. M. For me is a way of implementing the criterion, whether I do. Money is the measure of if you are doing the right thing or not.
N. Q. You could kill a man?
I. M. Not, under any circumstances.
N. Q. Where are your boundaries of compromise? When you say “I’m not going to do that”? Your profession involves a chain strong enough to compromise.
I. M. My boundary compromise in that of morality, which I understand. My morals may be very different from the morality of society (like that of any self-sufficient person – N. V.)
N. V. (subject to selection) do You Plan the next 20 years to stay in Ukraine?
I. M. of Course I did. I live here. Leave was not going anywhere.
N. Q. What needs to happen to make You leave Ukraine?
I. M. I don’t really Have any. But if the society enters the stage of schizophrenia. If this percentage surpasses 90 – except that back then.

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