Igor Mazepa: Sell Privat in parts. Otherwise, soon there will be nothing to sell


41-year-old founder of the group of companies Concorde Capital Igor Mazepa – not a dry Bank clerk. It is a large broad-shouldered man with an explosive temper. It is similar to investment bankers and wall Street as we know them from Hollywood movies. With passion and knowledge of the case says about money: juggling millions, casually mentions about her meeting with oligarchs. And does not pick words when it comes to officials. The picture is completed by the office of the Concorde on the 16th floor of the business center “Parus” – is not a new York skyscraper? In the investment business Igor Mazepa in 1997. After graduating from the Kiev national economic University he worked at Prospect Investments. In 2000, he headed Foyil Securities New Europe, in 2002 he became the managing Director of MFK Investment Bank. Own company Concorde Capital Mazepa made in 2004. Now it is one of the largest companies in the market. The authoritative Thomson Reuters Extel Survey for several years in a row recognized analyst of Concorde Capital the best or one of the best in Ukraine (second in the 2017 first – in 2016). Igor Mazepa calls himself an “opportunistic businessman” from the English opportunity – the opportunity: “We run forward without stopping. Sold local bonds? Do local bonds. Sold Euro-dollar restructuring? Do the restructuring”. During this marathon the company manages to invest not only the money of the clients and own funds. Today, Concorde group of companies-licensees, OOO “Concord capital” and OOO “Novawest” that provide services on the stock market of Ukraine, Cyprus Concorde Investments (Cyprus) Ltd, British Concorde (Bermuda) Limited. The group owns the operator UMTC (LLC “Ukrainian newest telecommunications”), invests in “Financial company”OMP-2013” (brand TYME) and the network of private medical clinics Dobrobut, has a minority stake in Latvian AS PrivatBank. On the way there are obstacles. In 2015, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) suspected three dozen physical and legal persons in illegal transactions. Among the suspects were part of a group Concorde company. “Concorde (Bermuda) Limited did not admit his guilt or involvement in such activities helped the SEC for all queries and questions. The company has agreed to enter into a settlement agreement with the SEC without admitting guilt. From February 2016, the Concorde is no longer a party to the case”, – explained in the press service of the company. Igor Mazepa to talk about it doesn’t want. Apart from business, Igor Mazepa engaged in social activities: headed by the business Council of the educational project on the budget “Price of the state” supports Ukrainian national team in rowing. In 2016 Mazepa personally participated in rowing competitions of the Cup of the Prince albert II in Monte Carlo (Monaco). Rowing club Concorde Capital ranked second. In an interview LB.ua Igor Mazepa talks about the specifics of the investment companies in the independent Ukraine, evaluates the results of the work of Valeria Gontareva, Aivaras Abromavicius, Andrey KOBOLEV, says about the future state of PrivatBank, and also tells why one believes in the big privatization and the sale of assets of insolvent banks by the Deposit guarantee Fund.

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