Igor Mazepa : Privatization can provide megaprogram in the Ukrainian economy


“The main factor that brought Poland a leader in Europe privatization”.
A breakthrough in the Ukrainian economy will not happen as long as the country does not legitimize the privatization.
This opinion was expressed by General Director of investment company “Concorde Capital” Igor Mazepa on the VIII National forum the Expert of the Institute Gorshenin (the “Strategy of industrial growth”).

“27 years we run like hares in a circle, and nothing really happens. Privatization is the only way to get rid of the excessive role of the state and official. If there is privatization it will be megaprogram. If this does not happen, we again after three years get together and will stagnate in the same place,” said Mazepa.

According to the expert, privatization is allowed Poland over the last 20 years to take a leading position among European countries.

“What the Polish rulers and the elite couldn’t change for 500 years, for 20 years changed the country to the root. Privatization in addition to the money has also been the arrival of new managers, the arrival of corporate culture, cultural management companies, money lenders, technology, innovations. What we have not seen in Ukraine,” said Mazepa.

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