Igor Mazepa on how to increase the confidence of investors to Ukraine

There are a number of factors affecting investor confidence:

– stable growth of the economy. Ukraine has demonstrated the growth of 3%

– reforms in the country. If to speak about Ukraine: there is a high level of corruption, privatization has not yet occurred, the land market is still closed, medifarma is ambiguous.

– protection of property rights. While in Ukraine there is no confidence in the judicial system, investor rights are still not protected.

It should be noted positive changes in Ukraine:

1 – the independence of the national Bank (transfer of the national Bank system targetirovanie inflation). That gives hope that the hryvnia is less politically sensitive

2 – the introduction of independent Supervisory Board in state-owned companies. Indicating that the increase in transparency of the Ukrainian state-owned companies. And it will positively affect the investment attractiveness of the country in the long term.

3 – confidence in Ukraine from the international financial institutions – continue cooperation with the IMF.

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