Igor Mazepa on corruption in the Ukrainian business

The state enterprise has always been a place for corruption, says Igor Mazepa, the owner of Concorde Capital
Natalia vlashchenko: How do You think it is possible in our country to lead large business, your experience, your friends, your partners, and not using the resources of power and resource policy? Owner Onishchenko about how from state-owned enterprises collected bags of money and brought directly to the Parliament to give the vote to. Even if You didn’t read it, know this practice, because it appeared not 3-4 years ago. There is such a generic relationship between businessmen, large enterprises and politics. Yes, businessmen can exist, develop only when they can get some pies from the state budget for the conduct of its business to large proportions, and on the other hand, to help and to give when the elections and so on. How to stop it?
Igor Mazepa: I somewhat agree and disagree. State-owned enterprises has always been a source of corruption. Not even the Ministers, bureaucrats, who take small bribes, this is nothing compared to how much was always stolen, sifonios from state-owned enterprises. This is thesis number one. Thesis number 2 is that even in such a situation, we have a number of clear transparent honest businessmen who built a huge company, having no relation to the state. This clinic “Dobrobut”, “Epitsentr”, filling the “Eye” and there are dozens.
N. V. Take the Odessa port. There comes to honest transparent business.
I. M. I agree with You. I started with this. I as a citizen and a businessman don’t like these corrupt schemes. The answer to your question that large and honest normal business is possible without any relationship with the government. In addition, of course, you pay taxes. How is this correct? Yes, simple. Privatization. This is all possible sitting down a corrupt official who deliver cash to the person who there appointed, or faction of some kind, either the same corrupt officials and paying so-called rent. If you sell this asset at any price, it is important that there came a private investor, preferably a foreign one, and then the corruption issue is solved very simply by itself.
N. V. Your opponents are afraid of two things. First: privatized everything will be for your two pennies, relatively speaking. And second, how it actually changes anything. For example, any business large the fate of some of the oligarchs. There are oligarchs, that their situation has kept for the last 4 years, and there are who live on the lake of Geneva, somewhere else. If you have private enterprise, you can safely hang on any hook, if you do not want to cooperate with the government? No, not so? You are talking about the courts and about the tax. Isn’t it eliminates the pressure of government business, if conventionally, we will have all of the enterprises privatized?
I. M. This exactly eliminates the issue of corruption, but it does not eliminate the question of pressure from the authorities, the cops, the Prosecutor’s burden on business. At the time of Yanukovych, came and took away half your business. Now also have their fee. For example, you need to enter a square meter of housing. It costs so much, for example, 20 dollars. with square meters. I invent himself. It does not take into account. I don’t know what fees. I have zero relations with the government. And never in the state I, by the way, you did not. But quite often I hear from my business colleagues I hear all these stories.
N. Q. You’re a very lucky man. Others here have touched You.
I. M. Yes, I’m a single dollar is not earned in the state.

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