Igor Mazepa of the external debt of neighboring countries

Igor Mazepa: the investment climate is in fact is derived between the investor’s desire to make money, on the one hand, and the risks that investors face in their investment. Accordingly, the higher the risk or the worse investment climate, the higher its corresponding desire to earn or receive the compensation for the adopted risk.

Ukraine has recently received $ 2 billion from the placement of the Eurobond. And the cost ranged from 9 and to 9.75%. Very interesting to see what rates, for example, are attracted to the same country or our neighbours. So, Kazakhstan 2 days ago attracted at a rate of 1.75 – short debt 2 cents – it was a 10-year debt. In fact much cheaper than Ukraine. Or even Turkey itself, which is known for its problems. Being such a bugbear for investors lately or this year. Where the local currency has depreciated much more than in Ukraine, where the ruling according to many analysts the unreasonable regime that broke all or most of the relations with Europe, America and the rest of the civilized world. So the Turks are attracted, for example, for the same money and same term at 5%. What does this mean? It says that among investors, the Ukraine, unfortunately, is a country with the largest potential risks of investment. Worse than us only Greece or Venezuela – says Igor Mazepa

And again-taki if to judge, but we judge by the cost of money and therefore what yields, the levels at which traded public debt. Therefore, in principle, this result reflects many of the processes and many of the trends that are happening in the economy, infrastructural things, and obviously in politics.

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