Igor Mazepa: in which areas are worth investing in Ukraine

Igor Mazepa: despite the fact that Ukraine is often criticized by many investors – both foreign and local Ukrainian. Certainly not fair to say that this is the area where only the investors lose money, where the business only to suffer and no one earns. With all those negatives, which businessmen and ordinary Ukrainians and politicians hear, know and say each day, of course Ukraine remains a promising place for a number of areas of industry.

First, it concerns medicine. For example, the service sector is a huge market of $ 5 billion, estimated the market itself. In addition to medicine amount of such can have the MMC sector, agriculture, IT in some way. This is one of the largest sectors in our country, on the one hand. On the other hand, if you look at our demanding consumer services that, in principle, you will notice that in many areas services of Ukraine come a very long way. And really not worse than other countries can provide this very service. For example, the restaurants we have at least in Kiev is no worse than London or Moscow. The gas station very often better than anywhere in North America or even in Europe. Banking services, mobile communication, Internet – all this develops very quickly, all very high-tech and modern – says Igor Mazepa

All except medicine. Medicine still lives in this Soviet primitive state. When ordinary citizens and even unusual people simply do not have the ability to get normal, clear, high-quality service. Therefore, we in the “Concord” I think that medicine is one of the areas where… Or, at least, are seeing this trend overflow of patients from the state or community medicine in private. This trend is only growing and it will continue for the next 10 years. And so, at least we’re in Concord we see a very promising mood. And that’s why we invest in “welfare”. “Welfare” today is the largest private company we have Ukraine.

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