Igor Mazepa: I Read – so I think


To the question “do You like movies, read and what the last book You impressed?”, Igor MAZEPA said, “my schedule is so busy that no time to watch any movie or TV. TV do not remember when I looked last time. But the Cannes festival of love.

Another thing – books. I love since childhood! The book and the way to read (on a business trip, before going to sleep a little). The Internet – needless to say – a good thing, we can’t imagine our life without computer and gadgets. The smartphone replaces my PC. My main applications – mail, instant messengers, browsers, and they help me at work, because I’m in constant motion. But the book I’m still not replaced! When you read – think!

I recently met and talked with an interesting man – Michio Kaku. About it is a different story. And his book, and his thoughts impressed me very much! In the book “Physics of the impossible”, said: “I have repeatedly said that in real life you have to give up the impossible and settle for real.” My credo – to make the impossible possible!

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