Igor MAZEPA: I HAVE other values, the money is not important…




Igor Mazepa – a bright and extraordinary personality, one of the key figures in the Ukrainian stock market. Contrary to forecasts of ill-wishers, Igor was able to hold its company through all difficulties, and today Concorde Capital, as before, occupies a leading position on the market.

Igor Mazepa is quite young, energetic and versatile. He is not afraid to try completely new directions. By the way, very successfully. For example, as Chairman of the exchange Council “Ukrainian exchange”, he joined the jury of the reality show on ICTV channel, where personally invested in any projects.

In addition, in recent time Igor devotes a lot of time training for young people wishing to try their hand in the financial arena.

But for money he is very calm, not counting their main measure of everything. “Money gives some freedom and open up easier access to some features. This is one of the tools to achieve the goal, but for me money is not the measure of anything in life. Wealth is not in money but in experience, in pleasure of the results, in relations with people,” said Igor Mazepa in one of the interviews Деньги.UA.

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