Igor Mazepa: does Ukraine Need a stock exchange?



On the one hand, I agree with the statement “the Ukrainian stock market is now more dead than alive?. Left most of the competition, unfortunately. Was the Russian investment banks, “the Renaissance” and “three”. They after 2008 fell into Oblivion.

In 2009-11 we created the Ukrainian stock market, I was there for a long time was the head of the exchange Council. And then walked out because he ceased to believe in the liquidity of this market. And I can’t say that I made some mistake. And my colleagues at the market there. And also can’t say that they made a mistake. They hardly earn, but the exchange is a major infrastructure project, it has value. The fact that there is no liquid market, doesn’t mean it never will. The Ukrainian company will never be freely traded in Warsaw or in London, except that selected. The rest of the necessary exchange in Ukraine.

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