Igor Mazepa: About reforms and “vacant niches”


Igor Mazepa: if you think about it, our security forces (and their behavior) is an organic continuation of the Ukrainian society. Ukrainian on the one hand wants to avoid corruption and to Kum poreshali if that.

Discussed with colleagues the business of economic freedom. A lot of people respected out of business talked about the pressure from the security forces, the SBU, prosecutors, and even the cost of doing business in the country.

All that and so actively press writes. I listened and thought. Well, if you imagine that tomorrow it will be the magic economic Department of the SBU will disappear, and the Parliament will take the responsibility for economic control of the security forces… is this “niche” will be empty or suddenly disappear?

After all, if you think about it, our security forces (and their behavior) is an organic continuation of the Ukrainian society. Ukrainian on the one hand wants to avoid corruption and to Kum poreshali if that. Now, security forces and decide “if that.” The main law of the market – there is demand – will offer.

And that power? Government security forces are the need for definition. Take the functions of economic control, and lose tomorrow the management of the entire system. Need party funds to fill, and no tools. Need to reform the law to take… go and deal with each Deputy.

Remove security forces and cut them functions you need – but what will appear instead of the empty “niche”? The answer to this question I have not yet heard.

The disease of power structures compared with cancer – indeed, malignant cells exist beside perfectly healthy. And the body where the tumor is settled, is not excessive in the body.

You can’t just take and remove the lungs if you have lung cancer and won’t cut off the head if the brain tumor. You need to the entire body fought the disease. If it is not, then cut it don’t cut off, the disease will win.

A vivid example is reform of the police. New people, great shape, enthusiasm in the community.

But corruption remains a bright environment, the Ukrainians need the services to “solve.” And already today it became apparent that the environment slowly erodes the new police. Because the common man “Monday” even sports is not always to study. And completely change your normal way of life, where corruption is a way of solving problems is even of opinion leaders is not always a virtue.

What to do? What is the “chemo” will help us? I think the solution lies in some unfamiliar plane.

You need to treat the totality of the infantilism of society. To treat faith in a kind, caring state. To get rid of the belief that someone (the President, security service, COM) will solve all of you problems. To squeeze out of consciousness a myth that someone has to you. We need to prepare our citizens to justice.

Because blaming/ criticizing/ complaining is easy and pleasant, but to take responsibility (even for your life and your comfort) – Soviet people are not always ready.

The problem in our heads. But the question remains – who should fix this? Who needs to deal with infantilism? State? The official infantile citizen is very convenient. Party? Only by such citizens exist.

And here I ask the question business. Why are we not taking on this role? In fact, by and large, no one except us. I’m not talking about the hike in the power. And I don’t mean charity marathons. I’m talking about how to fill the void after the departure otremontirovanny security forces.

What are we talking about? About reducing the role of the state and the education of demanding citizens.

You can start with the simplest – to more actively explain to people that they pay taxes and contain official.

“The price of the state” has created a cool tool, tax calculator. For three years, “bill state” received about 300 yew Ukrainians, 0.7% of the population. People who thought their taxes would never talk about “free medicine” and “free education”.

So – this positive effect of “account state” needed to scale. It is necessary that each citizen of Ukraine clearly understand that the state has no money, is taxpayer money.

What we will achieve when will convince Ukrainians that the whole holiday at their expense? I am not inclined to idealize, but a certain degree of sobriety is attained.

Remember when You are someone for something you pay for. Control every step of these scoundrels and will not part with money until you are sure that the money is well spent. You sure you don’t give up on poor service and will not pay for something I never bought.

That’s about the same I expect from a mass mailing “account from the state.” It’s called involvement. And it treats infantilism.

If we succeed, then we can and will threaten the functions of the officials who hinder us to work and develop.

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