Igor Mazepa: 2019 promises to be boring.

Last year was a bit boring for Ukraine, and in General is not saturated in any event. Whether it is the year 2019, which is certainly boring to be promises.

Anyway, political events are just a background – the same as the weather outside. We should not rely on politicians, but simply to work in order to make our lives better – and if everyone would concentrate on this, then our entire country will live better.

Taking the political aspects as a given, I want to focus on the opportunities that we can give this new year. And much positive that can happen this year, it has been laid in the recent past:

This improvement in the situation in the Ukrainian financial sector, which I expect Parliament initiatives to improve the negotiating position of the banks unreliable borrowers (bankruptcy code, the law on the improvement of creditors ‘ rights). This, as well as the expected gradual reduction of the NBU discount rate will be gradually revive the banking sector. Lending will rise, and may even begin to rise the mortgage market, and hence the real estate market that will spur growth in related sectors.

This and the inevitable wage growth that will outpace inflation, as pressure from European employers on our labour market will be increasingly difficult to contain. And this, in turn, will animate and services.

This is the continuation of medical reform that will rebuild our medicine, and hope that will make her, if not more affordable, it is certainly more effective. And we see here great opportunities, including for private medicine, in which we will continue to invest.

This privatisation of large objects, which I am sure will start this year, including our active participation. I am sure that for most offered for privatization of assets, the availability of political risk, 2019 will not be a hindrance. At least, it will weaken the resistance to the privatization process on the part of politicians and close to them people, that in itself will be a huge success. And the biggest privatization should greatly increase the interest of foreign investors to our market, and that look, even lead to an investment boom, which we have not seen for over ten years.

Yes, about the risks of 2019 is also impossible to forget. This and a possible drop in commodity prices, which more confident talking from the last year. This high interest rates on external borrowings for Ukraine, creating huge discomfort for the state and for business. It is a risk of a reversal of our country going the wrong way: away from the IMF, closer to the default – which I, incidentally, do not believe.

Well, if we talk about IMF, I am sure that every thinking politician is aware that without the financial support of the Foundation we will be impossible without loss to pass as 2019й and 2020й year (well, to such extremes as to count on financial aid from the Rossi, I believe). At the same time, we must finally understand that the IMF will not help to make us richer or happier. The IMF is just a doctor who will help us heal our chronic illnesses. You don’t expect from the doctor that he will make you richer and more successful? In achieving the latter purpose, we can only rely on yourself.

In General, in 2018, the list of events that did not occur or is greatly delayed – longer list of things that our country has turned out. However, in this boring year was made a good Foundation for the future – and this year aims to fully implement this idea.

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