How many Ukrainians stripped on the content of the President


The maintenance of the President of Petro Poroshenko in 2017, the budget spent almost a billion hryvnia

This was reported in the State administration.

So, the cost of providing activities of the President in the past year amounted to 802,33 million. The most money went to the support of the President, his Administration and other subsidiary bodies – 237,4 million.

To transport the highest officials of the state and official delegations – spent 222.8 million UAH.

On the second place on volume of expenses – support the work of the state aviation enterprise “Ukraine” to transport senior officials of the state and official delegations – 222,8 million.

Spending on road transport of the President, administration officials, and heads of other government agencies amounted to 126,5 million UAH, the contents gosrezidentsy and other objects to 81.2 million.

On foreign visits Poroshenko last year went 34.3 million UAH, on their training – 7 mln., 5.7 million – on the staff of the administration of the President and workers of the HOOD.

Official events with the participation of Poroshenko last year cost taxpayers at 13.9 million, the air service of the head of the Verkhovna Rada and the Prime Minister – 7.3 million UAH, delegations headed by Poroshenko – 5,7 million UAH.

The arrangement of the NATO mission in Ukraine took 12 million UAH on carrying out the representational activities – 10,3 million UAH. Expenditure on other items was less than 5 million UAH.

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