How live wife Ukrainian Ministers


Thanks to the declarations of Ukrainian officials it became known, how much they earn and second halves of Ukrainian politicians.

In the ranking of the richest Ukrainian wives of Ministers, first place went to Inna Avakova, the wife of interior Minister Arsen Avakov. Her annual income amounted to 57.5 million UAH. In the accounts in Ukrainian banks the wife of the Minister 3373 Euro, almost 1.5 million and approximately $ 2 million in Italian Bank — almost $ 1.5 million. Cash has 35 thousand dollars to 140 thousand, 21 thousand Euro. In addition to the different jewelry and furs, Inna declared the icon with precious stones.

Behind her is the wife of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Elena Groysman. In 2017, it has received 306 thousand hryvnias of a salary, 1,355 million hryvnia – from the business. Another 10 thousand hryvnias to the state it had been paid as assistance for child birth. 470 thousand hryvnias dripped in interest in “Oshchadbank”. 1.25 million hryvnia received from the sale of Volkswagen Touareg. A total of 3.39 million.

With an annual income of 2.4 million UAH. was Guzal Nasalik, wife of Minister of energy Igor Nasalik. In the garage the wife of the Minister is the Mercedes-Benz GLE 400 4 MATIC, bought last year for 2.4 million. In 2017, Guzal returned spouse interest-free debt in the amount of 700 thousand hryvnias.

The fourth place Orysia Semerak, wife of environment Minister Ostap Semerak. Annual income — nearly 1.6 million UAH. There goes the wife of the Minister on its own the Toyota Camry (2011 onwards), bought two years ago for 265,5 thousand hryvnia.

And the top five Svetlana Bevza, the wife of the Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan. Her annual income amounted to almost UAH 1.2 million. She also dropped a diamond ring and earrings with precious stones.

But the rating of the “poor” second halves topped Victoria Saenko, wife of the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleksandr Sayenko, which declared 0 UAH of income. Behind her is the wife of Finance Minister Alexander Danilyuk, Olga. Her income — 36 thousand UAH. The peculiarity of the financial situation of the spouse of the Minister of Finance lies in the fact that she is in joint ownership with her husband.

Closes the top three Valentine Kistion, wife of Vice Prime Minister Volodymyr Kistion. Her annual income of 110 thousand hryvnia.

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