Higher prices at the gas station

From 20 to 21 August, the number of operators in the retail market has increased the cost of fuel within 3-45 cents per liter, according to the monitoring of the retail market “Consulting group A-95”.

In particular, all types of fuel stations of SOCAR has risen by 40 kopecks/liter: gasoline a-92 went up to 31.39 UAH/liter, A-95 — to 32.39 UAH/liter, A-95+ — to 33,39 UAH/l, diesel fuel — to 29.89 UAH/liter.

Network Glusco fuel price 45 UAH/liter gasoline A-92, — to 29.55 UAH/liter, A-95 — up to 30,55 UAH/liter, A-95+ up to 31 to 55 UAH/liter, diesel fuel — to UAH 28,05/L.

Such networks as “Parallel”, KLO, BRSM-Nafta and “Katral” increased prices for 3-30 kopecks./

In the period from 17 to 20 August, the prices of gasoline and diesel fuel in the gas station chains OKKO and WOG went up by 50 kopecks./

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