Health Ministry asks security forces to check Okhmatdet


The Ministry of health appealed to the Netpolicy, NABOO and the GPU with a request to check the activities of children’s specialized hospital OKHMATDYT. Letters to security officials was sent on Tuesday, June 19, the press service of the Ministry of health.

It is noted that the basis for this appeal were the results of internal audit of hospitals and the facts published in the media.

In particular, the Ministry of health of Ukraine calls on law enforcement authorities to check the receipt of unlawful benefit by an official Okhmatdet, malpractice and other offenses.

In a letter to the police said that according to information in the media, parents of patients were forced to buy expensive drugs, which were available in the warehouses of the hospital. It is noted that this is confirmed by the results of internal audit NDSL Hospital.

The document notes that the Ministry for the preliminary analysis of bids for the procurement of drugs for the state budget funds for 2018 according to the program of Pediatric Oncology found above requirements for 7812 units (equivalent to 63.8 million UAH).

“Given the above, on the basis of articles 60 and 214 of the criminal procedure code of Ukraine, the Ministry of health of Ukraine asks to give a legal assessment of these facts,” – said in a letter to the Ministry of health.

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