Groisman: In 2018, the price control must not be


In 2018 the prices will be more stable than in 2017, but price control should not be.

This Groisman said on 18 February, the TV channel “Ukraine”.

“We had a number of changes that allowed us to start raising real incomes due to economic growth. It should be continued. I know that in the 18th year prices will be more stable than in 2017”, – he said.

Groisman added that the nominal salary in Ukraine last year increased by 37%, and the real – 19%. In 2018, according to him, the average salary will be 10 thousand.

“If we look at price controls, as they can be adjusted? It’s all talk. Any regulation leads to shortages and further price increases. I choose another way”, – said Groisman and added that the largest price increase in 2017 took place in the market of meat and dairy products.

“For different reasons. This year we begin to restore livestock… will saturate the market of meat, milk, and the prices will be more stable,” he said Groisman.

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