Groisman goof while trying to PR, the network has noticed the embarrassment of the Prime Minister


The network has noticed the mistake of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman, which he made when trying to talk about the growth of Ukrainian exports in 2017.

The Prime Minister published an infographic on Twitter.

According to these figures, exports in 2017 rose 16% the biggest increase in exports to the European Union.

“Export of Ukraine in 2017 rose 16%. A separate export of goods – by 19%. 40,5% of their goods and services Ukraine sells to EU ($20 billion),” – said Groisman.

It also States that Ukraine currently exports its products in 223 countries of the world. Attentive netizens have drawn attention to the fact that there are only 197 countries.

At the same time, other netizens added that the 197 is a recognized country, but if you add them to unrecognized and dependent countries, it can count up to 300. But note that on some trade with the unrecognized States can be discussed.

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