Groisman decided popiaritsya by Ukrainians: revealed multi-million dollar scheme


Is the political agenda of Vladimir Groisman just before the end of this year will cost the budget of almost 8 million hryvnia

As it became known due to service “Prozzoro”, the Cabinet has ordered hundreds of advertising billboards, which should be placed in all the major cities of the country. The government plans to buy at 410 billboards a month before the end of this year.

The winner of the tender for the purchase of the billboards have already been identified, and the Cabinet plans to sign a contract with him. In the preliminary request of the government indicates the number of billboards that will be placed in different cities of the country.


Most of the ads the government will be placed in the capital in Kiev will be set at 60 billboards in a month and 30 lights. In other cities the amount of advertising will be more modest: from 8 to 25 shields per month.

The purchase agreement for the billboards will be between the company and the Secretariat of the Cabinet, so the billboards will be purchased for budget money.

On the website “Prozzoro” the cost of the tender is 7.7 million hryvnia, however, possible that on the day of signing of the contract this figure could change dramatically. It is reported that initially the government planned to spend on 10 million hryvnias.

It is noteworthy that the tender was won by the same company that this spring has placed advertising of the government Groisman: ORT-media. Prior to that, she worked with “UKRPOCHTA” and PrivatBank.

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