Gritsenko have found a house in Koncha Zaspa and four apartments in the center of Kiev

All the real estate was written to the wife of Anatoly Gritsenko — Yulia Pavement. This finding casts doubt on the honesty policy, and aggravates the accusations against him of corruption as Minister of defense, which recently heard in the address Gritsenko

Found estate, which is home to the head of the party “Civic position”, located on the Bay of the Dnieper on the so-called “Big dam” expensive part “Koncha-Zaspa”. On the “dam” is also owned by the estates of such notorious figures as Rinat Akhmetov, Sergei Levochkin, Vadim Novinsky and others. Plot Gritsenko bordered by pine forest and has its own exit to the Gulf. Looking at the plot we can see that the owner is actively running for the presidency and does not suffer from excessive modesty. The fence of the estate Gritsenko stretches to the water that raises the question, why “honest” politician of the country disregards the Law of Ukraine, which expressly prohibits the construction of fences at a distance closer than 50 meters to the water. Gritsenko did not know the basics of the water code, which clearly defined strip of water owned by anyone and is not intended for personal use?

The estate Anatoly Gritsenko has an area 347,8 square meters and is located on a large area at least 50 acres. The home policy has its own basketball court, lake with ornamental bridge, gazebo and a play house for his daughter Anne’s policy.
I wonder what he Gritsenko did not begin to deny the existence of his land at “the dam”, modestly called luxury mansion “cottage”. However, this is not the first case when convicted of financial fraud politicians coming up with ridiculous or even comical excuses for his tremendous wealth. At the same time, cynically telling voters about this foreign concept of “honesty” …
Looking at all this and remembering the recent publication in UNIAN on identifying evidence of corruption Gritsenko, the question arises, can this house and the money went that Gritsenko could earn by taking part in corruption schemes for the disposal of land?

We remind you that on the website of UNIAN published the documents with the personal signature Gritsenko, which prove that he knew about the shenanigans with the controversial land.

In addition, the community has repeatedly drawn the attention of law enforcement authorities on the corruption activities of the leader of the party “Civic position”. A year ago, conducted by “Our money” investigative journalism has become a cause for the treatment of a number of deputies in the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine with a request to conduct an investigation against the crimes of the Ministry of defence in the time of Minister Anatoliy Grytsenko. And recently, activists have created a Facebook group called “Real Grid” in which they began to collect material for investigation of Gritsenko.

It is also worth noting that along with the house reporters also found in Anatoly Stepanovich four apartments in downtown Kiev, which according to the usual Ukrainian politicians scheme, was written to his wife Julia Street.

What money bought all this property — must meet relevant authorities, but now we can say that the honest and the poor candidate was not who you wanted to be seen his potential voters.

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