Granovsky: Sytnyk no reason to refuse to meet with Poroshenko

The people’s Deputy from BPP Alexander Granovsky believes normal meeting of the President of Petro Poroshenko with the heads of anti-corruption bodies.

So in an interview, “Ukrainian truth”, he commented night the meeting of Peter Poroshenko, the head of the National anti-corruption Bureau Artem Sytnik, which was recorded by the journalists of the program “Schemes”.

“Everyone who is now trying to comment for this story, trying to find the catch, suddenly it is there. But let’s look at the situation soberly. Can the President offer any official, including the Director of the NABOO, to meet and talk? In the first place about what the NEB to help. I think that may be,” – said Granovsky.

When the Deputy leader of NABOO in this situation to withdraw from the meeting should not.

“I see no reason that it would be forced to do it. Why can’t he meet with the President, of course, if such a meeting really was?” – at the same time adds the MP.

With regard to its possible participation in this meeting Granovsky replied as follows:

“I heard the comment about Mr. Sitnic (Director of the NEB acknowledged the meeting with the President, but objected to the participation of the Granovsky – up). To me it nothing to add. All the rest is only speculation journalists, and auto and home”.

Answering the question the MP answered evasively.

“So let’s. I love the program “Scheme”, constantly looking and I think quite informative. But legally that was recorded by journalists? Machine that someone is using. Maybe use them and someone else? The fact there were cars, and everything else is interpretation and speculation. About who was at the meeting, you can know for sure only those who was there,” – said the MP.

To the question, is it true that the Granovsky estate is in the neighborhood of Poroshenko, the MP replied: “No. An absolute lie “.

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