From the apartment Wyszynski disappeared valuables – police


From the apartment of the arrested chief editor of “RIA Novosti Ukraine” Kirill Vyshinsky stolen documents and other valuables.

This “Ukrainian truth” said a spokesman for the National police Yaroslav was Trakalo.

He confirmed that the duty of the police for about 17 hours on Sunday received a message about the penetration of the unknown into the apartment

“Missing documents and valuables,” he said Trakalo, referring to the Kiev police.

Open proceedings under part 3. article 185 of the criminal code – the theft connected to penetration into the dwelling.

The police investigate the incident.

The lawyer Vyshinsky Andrey Domanski reported that the apartment of the chief editor of “RIA Novosti Ukraine” was trespassing “Furniture and things in the apartment upside down and scattered. Disappeared several things, but what kind is still unknown”.

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