From the accounts of Yanukovych withdrew 2 billion hryvnia, the court withdrew the arrest


Billions of hryvnias have been translated from the accounts of companies of Yanukovych Jr.

From the accounts of FBG (all-Ukrainian development Bank), which was the son of the former President Yanukovych, removed about 2 billion hryvnia.

Earlier in mass media appeared information that the Pechersky district court withdrew the arrest from the accounts of businesses that could belong to Alexander Yanukovych. This refers to the company Aranet K, Kurdis N, Vector-Perspective, the Typicon And the Company asset management FBG-INVEST, melon 8, benefit-consult Di Souza and Lythrum.

Initially in the accounts of Yanukovych in FBG were UAH 2.6 bn, but after removing the arrest from the accounts of enterprises, 2 billion UAH were transferred to other banks. The rest of the money exist only on paper.

In the accounts of the Bank is located 559 million hryvnia — that the resources associated with Yanukovych Junior. The funds are now in the 9th queue of accepted creditors ‘ claims. However, these tools only exist virtually, as assets of the Bank are not enough to repay the creditors of the 9th turn.

Law enforcement bodies consider that in 2013-2014, in order to hold public funds, officers of the Bank illegally lent Donetsk, Lviv, southern and Dnieper Railways. Illegal loans account for more than 2.5 billion UAH.

In 2015 the investigators GSU Ministry of internal Affairs arrested on accounts of Alexander Yanukovych more than 2.6 billion UAH. But later, some investors FBG was able to remove the arrest from the accounts. Also, investigators arrested means that at the beginning of 2017 were transferred from the Bank of Yanukovich-Junior on the Bank accounts of Petro Poroshenko, neither more nor less than 313 million UAH.

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