Former MP Kryuchkov was released from German prison on bail


Former Verkhovna Rada Deputy Dmitry Kryuchkov, who is suspected of embezzlement of funds of “Zaporizhiaoblenergo”, was released from German prison on bail.

It is reported by DW with reference to the General Prosecutor’s office of Munich.


May 17, Kryuchkov was released from prison Munich-Stadelheim bail.

“According to the Prosecutor’s office, Hooks was released prior to the completion of legal procedures on the security in 100 thousand Euro. In addition, the Ukrainian handed over the passport and signed a pledge not to leave Germany,” – the newspaper notes.

At the same time, the Munich Prosecutor’s office received the necessary extradition documents and they will be sent to the court.

Counsel Kryuchkov Ulrich Ziert told DW that the defense has not yet reviewed the detailed justification for the request for extradition.

Ziert said that his client plans to appeal the transfer of the Ukrainian justice.

“Those arguments, which Ukraine has provided the warrant of arrest full of contradictions and make no sense. It does not fall under any of the provisions of German criminal law”, – says the lawyer.

It indicates that Hooks was not an officer of the company, in the embezzlement of which he is accused, “was her only client.”

In early January 2016, the detectives NAB started investigation over the case of embezzlement of “Zaporizhiaoblenergo” in especially large sizes.

According to media reports, the minority shareholders of “Zaporizhiaoblenergo” are groups that are close to Konstantin Grigorishin, Ihor Kolomoisky and brothers Grigory and Igor Surkis.


Chairman of the Board of JSC “Energomera” is Dmitry Kryuchkov, who the market participants are informally associated with the Vice-UEFA President Grigoriy Surkis, representatives of which were included in the governing bodies of the company “Energomera”.

Also long-standing relationship with Surkis has and Dmitry Firtash, who for several years sponsored the “Dynamo” (Kiev).

According to people’s Deputy from BPP Sergey Leshchenko, destination companies run by Surkis and Kruchkova, lobbying MP from BBP, Igor Kononenko, a longtime business partner of Petro Poroshenko.

Earlier “Ukrainian Pravda” has already written in his investigation about company “Energomera”, which bought debt in Centrenergo and Odesa TPP through related accounts payable of the company.

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