For the year Lyashko made 20 million


For 2017, the leader of “Radical party” Oleg Lyashko received an income of 20.6 million UAH.

According to the Declaration of the MP, of the funds 571 ths. Lyashko won the lottery “Favorite sport”; about 1.78 million UAH received as Bank interest rates; almost 17.78 million UAH – from the provision of property lease and alienation of property.

In addition, 512 thousand UAH Lyashko was in the form of wages and money to ispolnenie parliamentary powers.

The income of his mistress Rosita Sairanen with which the MP is not married amounted to 559 thousand UAH from the alienation of property.

However, Lyashko took ownership of the house in Kozin near Kiev area of 357 sq m and a cost of 11.2 million UAH, and on a land area of over 6500 square meters in the same village. There he rented part of a house.

As in the previous Declaration, Lyashko stated that he owns 6 zemuchastki in the Prince and the flat area of almost 100 sq. m in Kiev. If this Declaration for 2017 is no flat area 367 sq m in Kyiv, the owner of which Lyashko was last year.

In joint ownership with the wife of the MP holiday home and zemuchastok in Kiev.

In banks the MP is 4.45 million UAH 713 thousand dollars, cash Lyashko keeps 484 thousand and $ 70 thousand Euro 839 thousand.

In addition, last year the MP rented a car Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and owned Rosita Sairanen came the Mercedes-Benz GLE 250.

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