For 2018 Groisman reprimanded only one top official


In 2017, Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman announced reprimanded the head of “state archival service” Tatyana Baranova.

This is stated in the minutes of the meetings of the Cabinet of Ministers, which analyzed the project “Marlin”.

Two of the officials has just initiated a government decision on the disciplinary proceedings.

In particular, environment Minister Ostap Semerak has proposed to conduct an internal investigation against the head of state inspection of Andrew Zaika. The Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian initiated disciplinary proceedings against the Secretary of the Ministry Andrey Galushka. And the Minister Pavel Petrenko raised the question mentioned above, Tatyana Baranova.

To a disciplinary responsibility brought only Baranov.

In February last year, the government has dismissed Andriy Zaika according to the submitted application.

According to the law on the Cabinet of Ministers, the Prime Minister gives the order to initiate disciplinary proceedings against Ministers and their deputies, heads of other Central bodies of Executive power and their deputies, as well as applies disciplinary sanctions.

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