Film Onishchenko: as we had Kolomoisky, Akhmetov and Firtash


Film Onishchenko is a real crime report.

This question can not respond to the Prosecutor General’s office. The attorney General shall respond to allegations that sound in the press. It needs to check them, and then say whether there is a crime. But they closed their eyes, fell asleep head in the sand and say that nothing happened. This was told by Viktor Chumak, MP of Ukraine, member of any faction.

The attorney-General should say that violates the criminal proceedings. Not against the President, not against Zlochevsky, but in fact the message about the crime of Mr Onishchenko.

And then do the test. It is his duty. It’s not just written in the law, but the law does not apply, especially for attorney General. There was raised the issue of corruption.

Parliament should create a Special investigative Commission. Not for impeachment, but at least to understand. We are talking about MPs, politicians, Ministers. But it does not interest anyone, even the society. We would like Romanians to take to the streets the next day and say that something is happening, we need to do something. But the media are silent.

No one is afraid. And who is the owner of “channel 5”? Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko. And who is the owner of “inter”? Firtash. Who is the owner of “Ukraine”? Akhmetov. ICTV? Pinchuk. “1+1”? Kolomoisky. Who are these five people? It’s Ukrainian oligarchs who decide with Poroshenko all their problems. They hold the largest media holdings of the country. Media is silent because the main oligarch was under the gun. And if he is under the gun, under the gun, and the whole oligarchic system.

Perhaps, Kolomoisky has agreed with the President or the attorney General relative to “Private”. What is a agreed Pinchuk and Akhmetov. The latter in the early years there were problems with the business, and when he and his friends the President shared his business – everything was fine. Petro Poroshenko is the guarantor of the oligarchic consensus. If he is the guarantor of the oligarchic consensus, not our rights, all media will be silent.

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