Fate Suprun solved


The Verkhovna Rada Committee on health care majority of votes approved the draft of the resolution No. 5642 petition to the Cabinet regarding the dismissal of the acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun.

The Chairman of the Committee Olga Bogomolets.

In the draft resolution, said the petitioner, the reason stated acute social tension that has arisen in connection with the breakdown of the program of state procurement of medicines in 2016 that has signs of neglect of official duty.

“I supported the draft resolution but would like to note that the reason for dismissal is much more and need to figure out what was the cause of the disaster medicine professional unsuitability acting Minister or a deliberate government policy, because the work of the government in terms of health also recognized unsatisfactory” — said Bohomolets.

In addition, the Chairman of the Committee published in Facebook a list of their claim to the leadership of the Ministry of health. Among them, in particular, a sharp jump upward mortality and mass emigration of doctors abroad. Apparently, Olga Bogomolets blames the Ministry of health.

Recall before it became known that the authors of the resolution were made by the deputies of the “opposition bloc” Oleksandr Vilkul and the member of the Committee Igor Shurma. Parliament is invited to recognize the work Suprun poor and to go to Cabinet with a proposal for her dismissal.

Recently Ulyana Suprun announced its Declaration. According to the information in the document, spouse of Uljany Suprun – Marco, last year did not have any income. However, together with his wife he holds in U.S. Bank 8,3 thousand dollars. No less interesting is the fact that the Ukrainian official in the past year spent 1.67 thousand dollars to insure his life in the United States.

Moreover, according to the Declaration, Suprun and her husband have no own car, no housing in Ukraine. At the same time Suprun has declared nearly four million dollars in accounts in the United States.

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