Famous restaurateur Michael BEILIN: Ukrainian Generation

After 10 years, the customers of the new generation will be at the peak of the financial capacity and will become the audience of restaurant business
Mikhail Beilin believes the good news that in 2025 75% of workforce colleagues from the restaurant business and employees will be Millennials. The Millennials are very mobile, so you need to be prepared for high migration of staff and their outflow abroad. This trend is observed already now – most of the major players felt the outflow of personnel in Europe. But many come back. And these are people who are themselves consumers.
“We look at it through the prism of European integration. The new consumer will have to change, on the one hand, and to change yourself, he will be serving us, – said Mikhail Beilin.
He wants the client to a new generation, which in 10 years will be the core of paying people? They will not be in physical terms a lot more, they will not be enough money, but 45-50-year-old will be at the peak of the financial possibilities. Mikhail Beilin offers to bet on such people, because in 10 years they will be the audience of restaurant business.

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