Famous restaurateur Michael BEILIN: I try to be helpful there, behind that answer

Mikhail Beilin, answering the questions of entrepreneurs, focused not only on top of the restaurant business and its scope, but noted that for him always and in everything first – quality product, and then marketing.
– For me the restaurant business is still business and people with taste. Now, if you have your own taste (even if it’s terrible!), you confidently say, “It’s like this…” I believe in this story. For example: this chicken is such a chop! (Beilin referred to his two partners. Many of the things they delegate to each other, fully trusting). Often the standards my partner’s is higher than mine. I try to be helpful there, behind that answer.
And in the creation of quality content is very important part, it is important all the details! (relatively speaking, of the length of the nails of the waiter before his appearance). We spend on staff training, quality control of products. By the way, we have our own internal control Department, which ensures each week the most demanding test kitchens, the quality of food storage, quality of service personnel, and the surrounding area in accordance with the standards…
In conclusion, let me emphasize: you should forget about the myth that you can buy a consumer. If the content is done well, the client will appreciate it always. I confess honestly: every time I open a new restaurant, I always worry, worry, but believe in success.

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