Family Homutynnik has acquired yet another apartment in Kiev


The income of the co-chair of the parliamentary group “Renaissance” Vitaly Homutynnik in 2017 amounted to 136.4 mln.

This is evidenced by the electronic Declaration of the people’s Deputy, writes Interfax-Ukraine.

In particular, he received 19.48 million UAH. of interest in banks; 66.12 million UAH. from the alienation of real estate; 50,32 mln. dividends; 501,9 thousand UAH. salaries and funds for parliamentary activities.

At the same time, the income of his spouse Svetlana Homutynnik amounted to 20.26 million UAH.

Last year she became the owner of apartment with an area of 224 sq. m and cost 7 million UAH. and two cars in Kiev. She also owns another apartment in the capital, and in the rental is a house area 370 square metres in Kozyn near Kiev.

The property of the MP is one Parking stall in Kiev. In addition, he rents an office.

According to e-returns for 2017, the Bank accounts of his wife and is 131,21 mln. $254 thousand, EUR 199 thousand in Cash he keeps 1.06 million UAH. and $32 thousand.

In addition, Homutynnik lent to third parties 379,25 mln. $200 million and EUR 700 thousand.

In e-Declaration by the MP pointed out its financial obligations in the amount of EUR 1.44 million

According to the Declaration, the MP is the ultimate beneficial owner of 39 legal persons, some of them are registered in Cyprus, British virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands. In 2016 Khomutynnik was the beneficial owner of 44 companies.

Owned by Khomutynnyk is the Toyota Tundra, his wife – Lexus LX570. Two cars – Range Rover and Lexus – the couple rent.

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