“Espresso” allowed his wife Avakov earn 52 times more than her husband


The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov declared 1 082 323 hryvnias total revenue for 2017, and the income of his wife amounted to 56 976 679 USD.

The relevant data, the Minister has made an annual Declaration, published in the Unified state register of declarations.

A significant part of the income of the wife Avakov is 55 812 874 hryvnias from the alienation of securities and corporate rights. Buyer – MTM Entertainment Inc., this company, as told by the interior Minister, acquired his wife’s share of the TV channel “espresso”.

Salary Avakov in the past year amounted to 710 099 UAH and in comparison with the year 2016 has increased by almost 244 000.

The Minister also indicated, the copyright in published his book “Lenin with us?” and royalties from her 76 800 USD.

At the same time, the total income of the spouses specified in the Declaration of the official, amounts to more than 58 million UAH is more than 2016, more than 57 million.

Total cash assets Avakov and his wife, compared with the year 2016 also increased. Cash in Bank accounts and precious metals they hold almost 3 million, more than $ 2.4 million, with more than 1.5 million euros. In the Declaration provided such foreign currencies as the Japanese yen and canadian dollars, the total amount of approximately 64.7 thousand.

Movable and immovable assets of the interior Minister and wife for 2017 has not changed. Between them, they own three apartments and two plots of land, all in the Kharkiv region. Avakov also rents a room in capital hotel.

In addition, as in previous years, he declares a collection of wines, numerous works of art, jewelry, precious furniture, clothes, bags, watches, collectible coins and Antiques.

According to the Declaration, Avakov is the beneficial owner of two Cyprus companies registered to one address. It also owns 100% of corporate rights of an Italian Avitalia s.r.l. From this company the wife of the official in the past year earned 304 124 hryvnias, and Avakov himself – received more than 148 thousand hryvnias of dividends, which were to be assessed in 2016, but have not passed the bills.

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