Dobkin lit expensive accessory in the Parliament (photo)


People’s Deputy of Ukraine Mikhail Dobkin appeared in the Verkhovna Rada in hours, the cost of which can be compared with a modest one-room apartment in Kiev.

The photo shows that the MP did not hide his wealth, showing off in the Swiss Rolex. According to one of the online stores, the value of this model is made of 22 thousand dollars and that’s including a pretty generous discount.

Also on the table lies Dobkin iPhone X prices in Ukraine will start from 30 thousand.


In addition, a former MP Yevhen Heller appeared at the session of the Verkhovna Rada in hours for a cost of 10 thousand dollars. The MP is on the left hand Swiss watch brand UlysseNardin.

According to one of the stores, this model can be purchased for 286 750 hryvnia.

Judging from the label “sales leader”, Eugene Heller chose one of the most popular models of the brand and is not afraid to meet in Parliament colleague with a similar instance.

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