Director of the NABU Sytnyk reported on the investigation of resonant Affairs



The head of the NABOO Sytnyk at the briefing on Friday, August 10, in Kiev called resonance cases, which are now fully investigated or sent to court.

Among the latter is the case of the former head of the parliamentary Committee for the Affairs of fuel and energy complex Mykola Martynenko, write News.

According to the head of the National anti-corruption Bureau completed the investigation in the amber case; the case of the purchase of fuel for the Ministry of defense; business backpacks; business about plunder of means of the budget of Odessa with the purchase of the building HC of the region; the case of misappropriation of funds of the Lviv armored plant and the case of embezzlement of UAH 247 million in the Administration of seaports of Ukraine.

In the last of these cases, according to Sytnik, will prosecute the management of ASD.

With regard to the case Martynenko, the investigation revealed that he was involved in the embezzlement of funds of Energoatom and the Eastern mining and processing plant.

In addition, in all these cases, the NAB seized the 111 residential properties, 362 land and over 400 vehicles and agricultural equipment.

“Arrested more than 600 million, 411 million dollars and 2 million euros, and 64 of the object of corporate law”, – reported Sytnik.

According to him, during the first half of 2018, the NAB informed the court 36 cases on the crimes, the damage from which amounted to more than 213 million UAH. Of this amount, while claimed through the courts only 835 thousand UAH. In these 62 cases involved the accused.

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