Deputies massively out of coalition: can we expect early elections


Coalition in Parliament is long gone, a disregard for the Constitution, the law on the part of the President, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada not to go to early elections.

The Constitution expressly provides that the coalition consists of deputies of the factions of the coalition, you cannot pick up personally, as reported by the extra fractional people’s Deputy Viktor Chumak.

But we think everyone, even me. No need to write an application for withdrawal from the coalition, because the exit from fraction automatically leads to the withdrawal from the coalition. Now I think that it makes no sense to raise this issue because before the election almost a year and a half left.

“People’s Front”, of course, doesn’t want to hear about it, because it has no rating. “Block of Petro Poroshenko” also. Oh, and the President. Why did he have to call for early parliamentary elections?

For example, weekly agenda, the coalition should vote because they need to show performance to the citizens. The opposition in such voting does not participate. There is even draft legislation presented by the opposition. The result was 191 voice high. This shows that the coalition does not really exist. Perhaps these laws are not favorable to the coalition, so they don’t want to put on the agenda.

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