Deputies found a new reason for discontent: complain of expensive mineral water in Parliament


People’s deputies of Ukraine found a new reason for discontent.

So, the people’s Deputy Borislav Birch complained about the price increase in the parliamentary dining room.

“Yesterday, a bottle of 0.5 morshinskaya without gas cost of 9.84, and already tonight 10,15. The same situation happened with the rest of the menu. For example, if you previously purchased a dining room language for 350 hryvnia per kilogram, now 700,” writes the MP.

He said that this situation is due to the fact that the products have started to buy tenders.

He also complains that he is not normal, and that in the next Parliament with the institutions of lower prices, and the food at the same time — delicious.

“It’s a well-known fact that in any restaurant or cafe, around the Parliament, the business lunch is much cheaper than in the dining room of BP. And tastier. The only reason why eating in the dining room of BP — it saves time, because nowhere to run is not necessary,” — said the politician.


Thus, he argues that the tenders for some amazing set of circumstances, get only “their” suppliers.

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