Danyluk told how Kononenko lobbied him Deputy


Finance Ministers Oleksandr danylyuk told how he was imposed on deputies who lobbied Kononenko.

She told about it in interview to the EP.

Danilyuk noted that he has two years no “need” of the Deputy.

“Uman first began pushing one of the deputies. Let’s say, one very close to the President of the deputies,” – said danyluk.

On the question of whether it was Igor Kononenko danyluk replied in the affirmative.

“I said no. There have been many attempts to assign to a Uman, but I said no”, he added.

As you know, the candidacy of Ihor Umansky as a potential Deputy Minister of Finance, voiced by the deputies, including the budget Committee for a long time – at the stage of formation of the team of Deputy Minister of Finance.

After the conflict with Natalia Yaresko Umansky left the Ministry of Finance. In a conversation with EP he said he was not considering the possibility of his return in the Ministry of Finance, and then publicly criticized the Minister of Finance and the President.

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