Danyluk is sure that Ukraine will receive the next tranche of the IMF


According to the Minister of Finance Alexander Danilyuk, Ukraine will be able to agree on the next tranche of the IMF.

She told about it in interview to the EP.


“My assessment will succeed”, – he answered a question about raising tranche.

“And we should do it in June, because without that we will not be able to bring in external markets, the necessary financial resources to Finance the budget. We planned in the first quarter to attract more than two billion dollars. He lived for five months without this funding, but will continue to be difficult,” – said the Minister.

According to him, the budget for 2018 was formed on the basis of the fact that Ukraine will remain in the IMF program, and the law on anti-corruption court was adopted before the end of 2017. For this budget voted by the Verkhovna Rada.

“Without the IMF us considerable expenses will have to be stopped,” – said danyluk.

“If there is no IMF – the sequester is inevitable,” he concluded.

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