Danyluk called populism promises of wage growth


Currently in Ukraine there are no preconditions for increasing the minimum wage.

This was said in an interview with the Economic truth, Finance Minister Oleksandr danylyuk.

According to him, the increase of the minimal salary – this is an additional cost.

“We counted a few options, how much it might cost. Minimal salary rise from April would cost the state budget at least 13 billion UAH. And this is the minimum amount that is needed to increase the minimal salary – without taking into account the increase of the salary of the employee and consideration of the tariff of the unified tariff system,” the Minister said.

“Given the increase in tariff consideration in relation to the minimal, would need additional expenses for 2018 30 billion hryvnia. The first half ends in a month. Now we need to think about the anti-corruption Court, and not to engage in populism,” he added.

Recall from 1 January 2018, the minimum wage has increased in Ukraine from 3200 to 3 723 UAH.

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