Currency exchange rate on 10 Sep: the hryvnia dropped before the weekend

The national Bank of Ukraine set for Monday, September 10, the official exchange rates at level:

– $ 100 – 2826.4977 (+4,0345);

– 100 Euro – 3282.9771 hryvnia (-0,6766).

The dollar on the interbank currency market on Friday rose five cents to 28.27/ 28,30.

The Euro also rose, completing trades at the level 32,89 / 32,92.

This morning the selling rate of cash dollar in exchange offices of the Kiev banks declined by 8.15 COP., the buying rate – by 7.72 kopecks.

Note, since the beginning of the third quarter in the course of the intervention to support the hryvnia, the NBU sold on the interbank market at $ 700 million more than they bought.

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