CTC sued due to the closure of the “case of the backpacks” against Avakov

Yet I consider the illegal decision about the termination of proceedings against the son of interior Minister Alexander Avakov and former Deputy Minister Sergei Chebotar.

According to investigators, Avakov Chebotar and involved in the embezzlement of 14,5 million hryvnias for the purchase of backpacks for the needs of nazvanii.

“The Prosecutor SAP Criciuma Vladimir made grossly unreasonable decision that is inconsistent with the circumstances of production and contrary to established in a lawful manner the information,” – said in the complaint.

It is noted that the Prosecutor ignored the requirements of the code of criminal procedure, namely articles 2, 9, 23, article 84, part 2 of article 91, part 2 of article 93, part 1 of article 94, article 110, and mistakenly identified the formal reason for the termination of criminal proceedings clause 3 part 1 article 284.

The yet believe that there are a significant number of grounds for reversing the decision of the Prosecutor on closing of criminal proceedings in terms of suspicion and Avakov Chebotar.

“To cancel the decision to close the case and resume the investigation may SAP the head or his Deputy,” – said at CTC.

As reported, in July 2018, the Prosecutor SAP Vasily Krikun shut down production on the “case of the backpacks” against two defendants – the son of interior Minister Alexander Avakov and former Deputy Minister Sergey Chebotar is allegedly for lack of “sufficient direct evidence”.

The third defendant in the case, Volodymyr Lytvyn said that he takes the blame.

Head of SAP Nazar Golodnitsky claims that it was the decision of the senior group of prosecutors. He allegedly learned about the decision only on July 11 and was outraged.

In the case of embezzlement of public funds in the purchase of backpacks for the national guard under the Ministry of internal Affairs of NABOO in the fall of 2017 detained 3 people: son of interior Minister Alexander Avakov, former Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Sergey Chebotar and Volodymyr Lytvyn, who in 2014 led it company “Turboseo”.

It was declared suspicion.

April 5, 2018, the militiamen announced that it has completed pre-trial investigation against all three suspects.

NABU then said that once the protection gets acquainted with the case, it will be submitted to the court.



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